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Let's Chase a Dream Together! FREE Class

Sometimes we get so stuck on a path that we forget the dreams we pushed aside to get there.

Have you ever been years into a career path and realized that it’s not exactly what you planned? Maybe it was a job you took out of necessity. Or a title you accepted in a job that led you away from your true passion. Or maybe, like me, you enjoyed what you were doing enough to keep going, hoping that eventually, you’d have time for the creative pursuit of your heart . . . someday.

This last year I made some serious changes in my career. I stumbled upon an amazing teacher, who showed me a whole new world of creativity I suspected was out there but had no idea how to find on my own. I discovered that the very skills I’ve been honing as a Textile Designer over the last 29 years translate into a mind-blowing number of markets—markets I’ve dreamed of seeing my work in. The best part? The pursuit of my creative dream all started by simply saying yes to a free class.

From that free class, I went on to take more classes from who I now consider a mentor, Bonnie Christine, and in a year’s time, I can’t even believe all that I’ve accomplished. I’m selling my artwork on products to retail stores across the US, I have a signed contract for selling my artwork into a market I love, and another contract for licensing my artwork into a market I’ve always wanted to be in, I have total freedom in my work life, and I’m overflowing with creative ideas. Let’s just say . . . I’m living the most creative version of my life I’ve ever lived, and I want the same for you.

I’m signing up for the same free class again this year—because learning and relearning leads to growth, right? This time, I want to bring as many of you with me as I can. Those of you who’ve asked how I got started, who wondered if they could do something similar, or those who have toyed with the idea of making things with their doodles, sketches, lettering or art . . . let’s do this together!

Here’s what Bonnie will be sharing:

· How to craft a career (and life!) you love in surface pattern design

· The essential stages to becoming a designer

· Mapping out your personalized road to success

· Creating income as an artist and adding multiple streams of revenue

The free workshop, Secrets to Success in Surface Pattern Design runs February 7th-14th, 2022.

I believe in this program so much, I’m an affiliate of Bonnie’s now—the only affiliate program that I’m a part of because her teachings literally changed my life. It can do the same for you.

What have you got to lose?

If you’d like to register for the FREE workshop, you can do so right here:

Then, keep an eye on your inbox for Lesson #1 to arrive on Monday, February 7th. And keep an eye on my Instagram to follow along with me as I take the class with you! It’s only available for a limited time, so be sure to sign up soon. I can’t wait to see you there!

Oh! And feel free to share this with others who might be interested. All are welcome. <3


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